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Quote for the day 22-12-2015

“You and the Universal are one;
You and the Absolute are one;
You and the Eternal are one;
You are not the individual, the temporary;
Realize this truth and be free.
You are flowers in God?s garden
You are stars in God?s sky.
You are the breath of God. It is through him that you are alive, active and aware.
You can find the footprints of God wherever there is beauty, virtue, humility, justice, truth, love and peace. You can hear the footsteps of God when silence reigns in the mind.
You have come from God.
You are a part of His glory;
You are a wave of that ocean of bliss;
You will get peace only when you again merge in Him.
You have the Lord dwelling in the core of your being; Yet you are bound, miserable, limited, weak and agitated. Why? You are ignorant of your spiritual Reality.
You may worship the picture of God but you should not worship god as a picture.
You must give up the luggage of your desires and wishes and thus make life less burdensome.
You must surrender your judgement to the Lord. Then Lord will assume full responsibility.
You should not pray to God for secular advantages. You should pray only for grace.”

– Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba